The “Bienentränke” - A watering place for thirsty bees

Honey is one of the least polluted foods. In order to maintain a healthy and safe food it is essential to avoid pollution while taking care of the beehives and during honey processing.


Besides nectar and pollen, bees need water. It is especially important in the spring and extreme heat not only for taking care of the offspring or quenching thirst, but also to cool down the beehive. 


When the temperature is too high bees spread water on the combs. By flapping their wings the air flow created leads to water evaporation and results in a cooler temperature. 


The water demand is mostly covered by nectar, but bees need another water source as well. Therefore bees benefit from purified water throughout the whole year. Water quality of VISION AQUA Technology GmbH is as good as found in nature: no microplastics and no chemicals.


Because the water filter system is compatible with dishwashers it is possible for reusable honey glasses to be cleaned pollutant-free. Not only do bees and the beekeeper benefit from purified water, the beekeeper’s family benefits as well as health management starts at home. It is known that plasticizers cause soft and friable teeth (“Kreidezähne”) so by drinking this water the risk of this can be reduced.

Bee-family- history

Bee keeping has been a family tradition since 1901 when my great grandfather founded the family business. My eldest son Rene recently took over and is the fourth generation keeping bees. Working with bees is really nature-orientated as the hives are taken to places where flowers are in bloom at that time. Hives are deployed all over Germany in places like Schleswig-Holstein (rape/ canola), Brandenburg (linden, sunflower and acacia) and Black Forest (fir and spruce).


In August and September bees are brought to Luneburg Heath. Our heath honey was awarded the “culinary despatch Lower Saxony 2012” and our honey delicacy “honey in the comb” received the award in 2015.


(If you want to take a look at what working with bees entails you can click on the following link https://av.tib.eu/media/11311,  publisher IWF Göttingen, year of publication 1985)


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