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  • Fastest water production in its class with 2.3 l/min in DirectFlow
  • Ideal for drinking water production in the hospitality sector
  • Compact design, now also available in stainless steel
  • High volume flow of ultrapure water
  • Rinsing water recovery
  • Connection to coffee machine, ice maker and dishwasher possible (also w/o storage tank)*
  • Original Dow® FILMTEC™ Osmosis-Membranes
  • Long durability
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance via Push & Click filter change method


The next generation of direct-flow reverse osmosis. The RO-water filter VA-G-FT-DF-1000-20-1 is characterized by its intransigent, high performance and highest water safety standard. By using premium Dow® FILMTEC™ membranes, the filter achieves an unprecedented level of performance for its size.


The system has a compact layout and is therefore also suitable for smaller locations. The water connections are situated underneath the housing which saves additional space. The maintenance effort has been reduced to an absolute minimum and won‘t take longer than 10 minutes. Due to the Push & Click method, the filter can be changed without any inconvenient dismantling or assembling.


The high volume flow of the ultrapure water allows for the supply of water to modern washing machines and dishwashers. The additional recovery of rinsing water reduces the amount of waste water significantly, which reduces the operating costs by approx. 25% to 40%.

international Application

Optimized for Hospitality sector

automatic water stop during filter change

water production of up to 2.3 l/min

rinsing water recovery

compact design

filter change via push & click method

suitable for dishwashers

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technical data sheet

VA-G-FT-DF-1000-20-1 | 9000005
RO-Wasserfilter - VA-G-FT-DF-1000-20-1 E
Adobe Acrobat Document 876.5 KB

Technical data sheet

VA-G-FT-DF-1000-20-1 | 9000005
RO-Wasserfilter - VA-G-FT-DF-1000-20-1 D
Adobe Acrobat Document 954.6 KB


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